What we do

KSP develops several support programs in the following domains:

Awareness Program

The awareness program will be enhancing our other activities. There will be conduction of workshop or awareness program on child right, safe motherhood and public health. Awareness program on environmental management, conservation and current issues will be prioritized too. We will focus awareness program on occupational safety, porter’s right, responsible tourism and sustainable tourism among tourism Entrepreneur, porters and guides.

Capacity Development Program

Coordinate different training programs on language, leadership, first aid, climbing for enhancing the capacity of Tourism professional and minimizing the associated occupational hazards. In case of any tragedy, we will be trying to enhance the capacity of family members of those people who died during mountaineering through education continuation or skill development. Similarly, we will be paying attention for enhancing capacity of victims of drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, Human trafficking, conflict, natural disasters as well as orphan, physically disadvantaged and socio-economically backward people. There will be provision of informal education to empower illiterate women and scholarship for needy and talented child. We will be supporting to prepare human resource for newly developed tourism destination.

Community Development Program

We have dreamed of a rural community with at least, national average of human development index. We will be always trying to push a community toward development. For the purpose, we will step forward in different sectors like education, sports, health, drinking water and sanitation, infrastructure development as per need of community. We will also be strongly supporting for economic upliftment of a community through agriculture, microenterprises, tourism.

Environmental Program

We will be contributing toward conservation of natural environment. We will be lunching different programs that will be focussed on conservation of natural resource, minimization of pollution, environmental management.

Research and Development Program

To carry out other targeted program of our organization, we will be conducting research program. The research program will be focussing on sustainable tourism development, environmental issues, social-economic and gender issues.

Social Aid Project

The project is designed for welfare of porters, guides by providing them necessary clothing and equipments. Similarly, the project aimed to provide direct medicinal support to needy porters and guides. The project ultimately aimed to support needy people who are helpless.

Tourism Program

We will focus on conservation, promotion and development of mountainous region, its language and custom for the prosperity of local people and tourism industry. There will be development of new ideas for broadening tourism arena.