Take action

Spread the word

Activate your personal network to broadcast our message and encourage people to join our cause.
Use the social media to help us raise a constant awareness.


We always believe that even a small support from you can help us to step forward for achieving our goals. Therefore, whether you are an individual or organization, you can always contribute from your side. Donation can be made to any particular area or community. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently where the needs are greatest. We always accept any sorts of donation, whether it’s in term of cash or goods.

Please check our donation page to see how you can send money.

Raise funds

Individuals or organizations are invited to organize fund raising to support KSP and its activities. We appreciate and will be pushing, all your effort that you are planning to organize for international fund raising activities. We will also be organizing fund raising events. If you want to participate or want to plan your trip to Nepal, we will be happy to inform you about upcoming events.


Every individual has capability to contribute to society and we are seeking those volunteers who are willing to use their skills for the prosperity of Nepalese People.
We heartily welcome both national and international volunteers who want to support our mission. Since KSP is recently established, you can always support us in office administration, organizational management, program unit. If you are visiting Nepal and want to spend some of your valuable time in supporting Nepalese kids and community or experience rural life, you can achieve it as our volunteer. For more detail, visit or contact at KSP.


Multiple hands are always better than single hands. We would like to work in partnership with national and international organizations to meet mutual mission. We want to expand the scope of our programs with our partners. If we are working for similar mission or if you want to support us in a specific area, you can always approach us.