Annapurna Herzog Ang Tharkey Marathon 2016


On 3 June 1950, Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal became the first climbers to summit Annapurna I, the 1oth-highest mountain in the world, without use of supplemental oxygen.
Ang Tharkey Sherpa, the first of the climbing sherpas, was also part of this historic climb, the first ascent of a 8000 meter peak. As a part of the expedition,
he reached the last camp above the “Sickle” on the north face.

To commemorate and celebrate the achievement of human endeavor, KSP decided to organize the Annapurna Herzog Ang Tharkey Marathon. The objective of this yearly international event is to leverage the tourism
to promote the Himalayas all over the world and to support a noble cause. The funds collected via this event will be dedicated to support the earthquake rehabilitation program of Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan.

This event is open to all : athletes, runners, fans of extreme sports and high-altitude endurance enthousiasts. Apart from participants, one can also come along to support runners.
Download the brochure of the race to discover the full program and the various options.

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