PROJECT #7 : Reconstruction of STUPA in LUKLA

Lukla is the gateway to world renowned Everest region where thousands of tourists and locals fly to every year. Marked as one of the most dangerous airports in the world, the airport in Lukla is indeed unique. Almost 40 years ago the villagers decided to make a Stupa right on the end of the village to mark the arrival of Lukla as planes fly from Kathmandu and it has also been helpful for pilots to gain visual confirmation before they can prepare to land.

Subsequently the Stupa also served as a religious and cultural symbol for the villagers where ceremonies are held twice every year.
The recent earthquake has badly damaged the stupa and the prayer wall. KSP wishes to help rebuild the only stupa in the village and continue providing access to the villagers for their prayers and ceremonies as well as reinstate the stupa as a marker for the flights.




Item Total (Rs) Total (euros)
Cement – 120 bags Rs. 650 000 5360 euros
Sand mix Rs. 180 000 1480 euros
Painting and misc Rs. 90 000 740 euros
Workforce – 8 men x 15 days Rs. 180 000 1480 euros
Cargo and misc. expenses Rs. 150 000 1240 euros
Total Rs. 1 250 000 10300 euros

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