PROJECT #6: Construction of a PRIMARY SCHOOL in the village of JHULE

Village Jhule, Lapsi-Phedi (VDC-3), is located 25 kilometers east of Kathmandu, about an hour’s drive. This village is mainly inhabited by Tamang Buddhist ethnic group, for several centuries.
The greater Jhule area consists of about 60 to 70 houses and 150 to 175 children attend school in another nearby village, which is about an hour’s walk. The walk is through a thin forest and dirt road which is made more by wild animals. Parents or adults do not always accompany these children to and from school.
KSP is willing to help the village with a construction of a Primary to medium level school that will be easily accessible to the students as well as provide them with a good standard of education. The village development committee has submitted a construction plan as detailed below.
The initial phase of this project provides for the construction of three classrooms, an office and a toilet block with 2 toilets.


Item No. Unit Total (Rs) Total (euros)
3 Classes + 1 office
6m X 3,6m X 4 rooms
86.4 sqm Rs. 35 000 Rs. 3 024 000 27490 euros
2 Toilets
2,5m X 3.2m
8 sqm Rs. 35 000 Rs. 280 000 2545 euros
Workforce Rs. 110 000 1000 euros
Other construction expenses Rs. 85 000 770 euros
Total Rs. 3 499 000 31805 euros

You can choose to become a partner in this project, you can decide on the amount and duration of your commitment. KSP is committed to providing you all the information you need on the establishment of the center and projects carried out there; you can also visit the center during your visit in Kathmandu.