Chowki Bhanjyang, VDC Ward No. 7 and 8, is a village about an hour’s drive from Lhapsiphedi, in the district of Kathmandu in Nepal. The village is largely inhabited by indigenous peoples of Nepal, Tamang and Gurung.

This community has a critical need for access to safe drinking water. The nearest source of water available is very far from the village, women and children spend more than two hours every day to collect the required daily water needs of each family. The supply of drinking water to the village would mean saving valuable time and dramatically transform the lives of all residents.

KSP has decided to help with the construction of a pipeline to Lhapsiphedi Chowki Bhanjyang effectively and efficiently. Houses are at a distance of 30 meters from each other with a total population of 700-800 people. Local people are willing to help and participate in the drinking water supply project for the entire community. They want to be involved in the management and maintenance of the pipeline, to make this permanent plant.

This budget includes all costs associated with the creation of the pipeline in order to make water accessible to every home.

Item No. Unit Total (Rs) Total (euros)
Hose 1 inch in diameter of 3500 meters in length 3500 Rs. 250 Rs. 875 000 7955 euros
Pipe ½ inch diameter of 1,000 meters in length 1000 Rs. 95 Rs. 95 000 865 euros
Hose ¼ inch in diameter of 500 meters in length 500 Rs. 60 Rs. 30 000 275 euros
1000 liters water tank x 10 pieces 10 Rs. 22 000 Rs. 220 000 2000 euros
150 Employees for installation 150 Rs. 1000 Rs. 150 000 1365 euros
Total Rs. 1 370 000 12455 euros

You can choose to become a partner in this project, you can decide on the amount and duration of your commitment. KSP is committed to providing you all the information you need on the establishment of the center and projects carried out there; you can also visit the center during your visit in Kathmandu