PROJECT #4: Aid to families of victims of tragedy in the Mountains

On April 18, 2014 a terrible avalanche on the south side of Mount Everest has killed 16 Nepalese guides. This is the deadliest avalanche in the history of Everest. Faced with meager financial compensation offered by the Nepalese government to families ($ 400), the Nepalese guides went on strike, which caused the cancellation of all expeditions on Everest Spring 2014. These expeditions are usually the only resources available to the families of these guides.

In total about 31 children were orphaned in the tragedy, out of which 27 need sponsorship/ financial help. A group of international foundations have already committed in helping 21 of them. For the remaining 6 children, Nepal Mountaineering Association has committed to help them for the 1st year.
KSP has the opportunity to take over the commitment of NMA and help some of these childrens and also include other orphans who are in the same situation having lost their main bread earner to the mountains.

Here is the list of these children, their classes (school year) and the annual amount needed.

Name of Children Date of Birth Class / level Name of Father 2015/2016
Urken Tshering Sherpa 2013 Infant Tenjing Choter Sherpa Rs. 60 000
Tshering Dorjee Khatri 2001 8 Dorjee Khatri Rs. 84 000
Ongmu Sherpa 2012 Infant Tsering Namgyal Sherpa Rs. 60 000
Alisha Gurung 2009 UKG Ash Bahadur Gurung Rs. 60 000
Awin Gurung 2013 Infant Ash Bahadur Gurung Rs. 60 000
Mingma Tenjing 2011 Infant Pasang Karma Sherpa Rs. 60 000
Chopel Gyaltso 2004 6 Serki Lhamu (Mother) Rs. 84 000

The above financial budget is different due to the age and school level of the children. The education system of Nepal starts from year 1 – 12 after which the students advance to collage/university level.

Education level Monthly Yearly
Year 1 up to Year 5 Rs 5 000 Rs 60 000
Year 6 up to Year 8 Rs 7 000 Rs 84 000
Year 9 up to year 12 Rs 10 000 Rs 120 000

You can chose to sponsor 1 or more Children as per the list above. You can also choose/decide the length of your commitment. KSP will take responsibility to mediate the finances to these children and keep you updated on their progress.