PROJECT #3: Funding of Orphanage or Foundation for Children Literacy Program

Nepal is one of the poorest countries on the planet and the Government lacks supporting in a multitude of affairs for the public. Although there are many public schools run by the Government, it is not always sufficient for the general public due to many factors. The major factor rest on the parents and their economic situation. Most parents have to work considerably to earn basic living for themselves and their children, leaving no finances for the children to attend any educational institutions. These parents have never attended any schools and most do not understand the value of a good education, preferring their children to join them at work. Hence the vicious circle of poverty.

KSP is in partnership with a few orphanages, village schools and small foundations, which are non or semi-governmental, non-profit organizations registered with the Council of Social Welfare of the Government of Nepal. These institutions have created a center/school in the outskirts of Kathmandu. The work of these foundations is based on Literacy program for children.

Presently the institutions are in a poor state and require a more help for the development of the children. Below is the calculation for 30 students and 7 staff members.

Cost details per institution:

Post / Salaries No. Unit Monthly Yearly
Teachers 5 Rs. 10 000 Rs. 50 000 Rs. 600 000
Cook 1 Rs. 6 000 Rs. 6 000 Rs. 72 000
Helper 1 Rs. 4 000 Rs. 4 000 Rs. 48 000
Lease of Premises 1 Rs. 30 000 Rs. 30 000 Rs. 360 000
Breakfast, Lunch and Tea 37 Rs. 11 100 Rs. 26 400 Rs. 3 196 800
Power 1 Rs. 12 000 Rs. 12 000 Rs. 144 000
Stationary 30 Rs. 300 Rs. 9 000 Rs. 108 000
Electricity and other 1 Rs. 3 000 Rs. 3 000 Rs. 36 000
Total Rs. 380 400 Rs. 4 564 800
  3’460 euros 41’520 euros

You can choose to become a partner in this project, you can decide on the amount and duration of your commitment. KSP is committed to providing you all the information you need on the establishment of the center and projects carried out there; you can also visit the center during your visit in Kathmandu.