PROJECT #1 : Construction of temporary shelters

Khumbila Foundation will assist a village with the reconstruction process by providing the villagers with required bundles of corrugated iron roofs, metal outlines and other necessary items to build temporary shelters before the winter of 2015.
One or more villages will be chosen on priority basis where aid from government or international donors has not been sufficient to shelter all the families in the village. These shelters can be used as animal sheds or sanitary toilets when the villagers have rebuilt their houses.


You can choose to become a partner in this project by deciding on the number of shelters to be provided to a village. KSP is committed to providing you all the information you need on the establishment of the center and projects carried out there; you can also visit the center during your visit to Nepal.

Cost details:
1 room shelter: Rs 52000 / 470 euros
2 rooms shelter: Rs 92000 / 830 euros

Cost includes:
a) 8 feet tall structures.
b) 26 gaze corrugated iron roofs.
c) 12 gaze 3 inches pole pillars
d) 14 gaze 1.5 inch truss and purlin
e) 4/3 feet metal window
f) 7 feet metal door frame with ply wood door.
g) Ply wood for partition.
h) 7 gaze corrugated iron walls.
i) Labour charge

Additional costs:
a) Labor charge to assemble structure
b) Transportation charges