Support programs 2015

Project #1: Construction of temporary shelters.

Providing the villagers with required bundles of corrugated iron roofs, metal outlines and other necessary items to build temporary shelters before the winter of 2015. More project details.
Budget : 470 euros per single room shelter

Project #2: Bio Gas for rural and urban areas

A sustainable and eco friendly solution that works on ordinary household rubbish and helps financially by producing natural gas. More project details.
Budget : 1140 euros per production unit

Project #3: Funding an orphanage or foundation of school children

KSP associates with orphanages, low to medium level schools to support the education of their students. Most of these institutions are situated outside of Kathmandu and are attended by students of poor background. More project details.
Budget : 3460 euros monthly

Project #4: Aid to families of victims of tragedy in the mountains

Program support to the schooling of 6 of the 31 children of the victims of the Nepalese Everest in spring 2014. This long-term program is going to be provided for at least 10 years. More project details.
Budget : 4255 euros annually

Project #5: Drinking water supply for village Chowki Bhanjyang

The village of Chowki Bhanjyang has a critical need for access to safe drinking water. The nearest source of water available is very far from the village. Women and children spend more than two hours every day to fetch the daily water needs of each family. This affects the education of children, mainly girls. KSP supports the project of drinking water supply in the village. More project details.
Budget: 12455 euros

Project #6: Building a nursery school in the village of Jhule

The children of Jhule Village Development committee have to walk 2 hours daily to get to school and most of the time unaccompanied. This project will help about 150 children to learn in the safety of their own village. More project details.
Budget: 31805 euros

Project #7: Reconstruction of Stupa in Lukla

More than 40 years old and the only one in Lukla, this Stupa has both religious/cultural and practical values. The villagers use the Stupa for the ceremonies of the villages and to protect the village from any evils. It also serves as a marker for the pilots flying in from Kathmandu. More project details.
Budget: 10300 euros