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We need to keep working on raising awareness. As any non-profit organization, the Khumbila Foundation needs ambassadors to spread the word.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and help us promote this relief campaign to your friends and networks through social media and email.

People trust the advice of their friends and peers. That’s why your voice is important in recommending our foundation. There are many ways to tell your friends who we are and what we do.


Please “Like us” on Facebook and even better share our message to reach out your personal network and encourage your friends to join our cause.

Tell your Facebook friends about KSP operations.
For example copy/paste this message on your wall:

Nepal will require years of support to rebuild after devastating earthquake.
Join the Khumbila Foundation to contribute to earthquake victims relief and to start planning for reconstruction.
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Spread the word by distributing our flyers! You can post flyers on bulletin boards in approved locations or hand them out at conferences, meetings, work or even on the street.

Be the witness of our serious actions and attest of the professionalism of our team.