Immersion and solidarity – Thadi – Spring 2016

KSP wants to renew the program for Spring 2016, in March and April. The first visits started to create new cross-border links between Western and Nepalese villagers who do not live on all trekking trails.

These exchanges and sharing around a common project can be a great opportunity to allow Nepal villages (most of the country) to advance, to progress and eventually create small reception structures (home of hosts) for a different tourism product with focus on learning cultures and traditions. Nepal is made up of many ethnic groups with different customs and languages; each region has its particularities, every village its singularity.


Spring 2016


2 weeks (possibility to stay longer)


from 7 March to 21 March / from March 21 to April 4 / from 4 April to 18 April / from April 18 to May 4.
These dates may be changed to a day or two depending on individual requirements.

Number of participants

from 3 to 6 people per group

Cost for each participant

  • 1500 Npr per person per day (from 13 to 14 €) for food and accommodation costs paid directly to the host family or to the guide who will handle the distribution
  • Salary of framing guide (2000 Npr / leave days among all the volunteers present)
  • € 100 for membership of KSP to allow us to continue our long-term programs and the purchase of materials for reconstruction.
  • Accommodation and meals in Kathmandu (25 € for the hotel, 15-20 € for meals / day)
  • Nepalese Visa (40 USD for 30 days)
  • International Aircraft Tickets
  • Local bus to get to town (Arrival / return: 20 €)
  • Admission to the National Park Gaurishanker (€ 20)