Rebuilding is underway


Tourism, the key enabler for reconstruction

As we continue with the relief efforts we are also focusing on our missions by creating projects that will help many more people in the mountains.
At the current stage as villagers start to rebuild their homes KSP understands their need of financial aid to purchase materials and pay wages to the workers. Hence we have focused primarily in the Everest area. The goal is to help individuals who are a part of tourism industry in the region so that they can prepare on time to welcome the coming tourists in the autumn season.

Special thanks

Special thanks to: Pack, Paddle and Ski of Seattle, USA; Patrick and Elise Arbez (Manaslu Trek 2014 with Leader Jacques Motch) and Chantal & Albert Crocombette. Artur Pegas and team Papa-Léguas, Portugal; Nicolas and Vero of Odasie Voyages, France; Mr Yoon Chong Kim/Vice President of Corean Alpine Club; Andre George and Rosula Blanc, ( Swiss; Team from TMC INT LTD; Radiguet Noelle ;Vincent Dore ; Michel Josserand;Pierre Cavailles; Elisabeth Sassman ;Tardevet Martine;Philippe Jean-Paul;Thomas Blaschegg ; Lacour Pierre; Evrard Christiane; Christiane Egger; Alain and Jacqueline Duc; Pascal Verbouwe;Vincent DOBIGEON; Chang Yu Lung; Tenzing Namdol.

Earthquake proof cottage project

KSP will build a model earthquake proof cottage in Khumjung and/or in Lukla mainly as a shelter for villagers incase of future disasters. These cottages will also be used as shelters of trekking professionals, mainly porters, and for any other social events, rescue operations during trekking/expedition seasons and other operations. Pack Paddle and Ski, USA have initiated $ 2000 for the commencement of this project.

KSP volunteer tourism programs

We are currently working closely with 2-3 villages to formulate programs for volunteers to stay and work, pay directly to the host families and help them rebuild their houses and village. For the moment these villages are preparing temporary shelters to cope with the monsoon. Once there is the possibility to start building permanent structures, we will accept volunteers who can help with any capacities.

Heritage sites reopened in Kathmandu

We are also happy to announce that the heritage sites in and around Kathmandu are officially opened for visitors since 15th June, Monday. Similarly the trekking route to Langtang has been cleared for locals to start the rebuilding process and get ready for the autumn season. In the Everest area damaged bridges, guesthouses and local homes are being rebuilt with regular flight to Lukla.

Visit us to support reconstruction

With many programs, ideas and industries doing their bid to help the affected population in Nepal, we remain focused to help the locals through Tourism. Under the current context we request all our friends and family abroad to come visit Nepal again in the coming months, enjoy a trek in your favorite area and stay for a few more days in a village to understand to help with the rebuilding process.