KSP stepping up efforts after the monsoon

With the end of the monsoon, Khumbila foundation has re-started it efforts in providing relief to the earthquake affected people and areas.

Projects in progress

Lukla is the gateway village to the world-renowned Everest region, where thousands of tourists and locals arrive every year by mountain flights. Reputed to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Lukla is unique in its setting, where its sits on a slope against low hills.

Demolition before reconstruction

Khumbila Foundation has started the ground work for the Stupa project and we are awaiting further funds to complete this heritage icon.

Khumbila foundation has also started the Water Supply project at Chowki Bhanjyang, VDC Ward No. 7 and 8 which will facilitate many locals to get clean drinking water without having to walk long distances.

Courtesy of Jean Noel Berloiz, Jean Michel Jorda and Vincent Dobigeon, we have managed to collect scholarship funds for Ongmu Sherpa (daughter of Late Tsehring Namgyal Sherpa) for the next 3 years. We are eager to find more donors to help her continue her studies for many more years.

Tourism in danger

Tourism in Nepal has seen a decline for the June – August period due to the earthquake. These months are normally popular for regions such as Dolpa and Upper Mustang where the monsoon rain makes less impact and trekkers can enjoy these remote areas.
In part to our Tourism Development strategy, Khumbila Foundation made a “Relief Program” for Journalist Association for Tourism, Nepal. JAT Nepal has a key role in providing a good image of Nepal at home and abroad.

JAT NEPAL and MIchel Jobin

On August 9th, we arranged a program for Mr Michel Jobin a Swiss national who has been to Nepal more than 40 times. He has logged on 1320 days in Nepal with 920 days on trek covering all the trekking areas in Nepal since 1975. He arrived in Kathmandu to check the destruction caused by the earthquake and announce that Nepal is indeed safe for visitors. He mentions that he is very concerned about the negative news published by international media during and after the earthquake.

Michel Jobin

Late August 31st, Man Bahadur Khatri is working closely with Khumbila Voyage as part of our initiative to promote parts of Nepal which are less frequented by trekkers despite its beautiful landscapes and untouched nature. He has left to complete the programs for West Dhaulagiri Circuit and Sanctuary.

Man Bahadur leave for recon West Dhaulagiri

Other actions

August 2nd : Khumbila Foundation also contributed funds to promote rafting and water activities in Nepal. We are closely working together with the Union of Trekking Travels Rafting Workers, Pokhara Chapter.

August 9th : Khumbila Foundation handed over Rs 50,000 to Mr Hari Raj Joshi who a senior tourism journalist and publisher at Image Nepal. He has been very ill since the earthquake.

August 9th : Furthermore, carry bags, voice recorders, trekking jackets and internet connection USBs were donated to 15 JAT members who had suffered most from the recent earthquake.

Coming soon

Khumbila foundation will host a “Traditional Medicine Camp” in Sermanthang, Helembu with the initiative of Sienna Craig and Tibetan Medicine doctors (Amchi). Planned date 15-20th September.

We will have about 10 volunteers coming to help with the re-build process in Autumn-Winter scheduled for the village of Lamabagar-7, Thandi, Dolakha.

Many thanks

KSP wants to thanks its new donors:

  • Vincent Dobigeon
  • Carole and Phil Elchert
  • Mountain Club of South Africa – Fay and Dave Jones, Margie and Norman Owen-Smith and Jenny Paterson
  • Nadette et Claude Devalle of Refuge Buffère
  • Laurent and Brigitte’s friend, Henri Charcosset

We have also facilitated and worked with many international volunteers and we want to thank them all for their Humanitarian works in Nepal:

  • Dr Anda Perdan from Slovenia
  • Samantha McMohan from Australia
  • Annah Jordan from USA
  • Joao Garcia from Portugal
  • Pablo Stinson and friends from Spain

Special thanks to Brigitte Pépin-Donat and Laurent Hatchadour for helping us create the Khumbilafoundation.org website and setting up networks for future donors.