KSP activity report #5 – Fall 2016 / Spring 2017


Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan is happy to present the 5th edition of our progress report. As we progress towards more mid and long term projects we chose to bring out the latest edition upon the completion of a few major projects.

In this report we have completed projects as well as the start and the pledge for major projects in 2018/19.

On this issue we would like to thank the following donors:

Stefan Kozak (Austria and USA)
Brigitte Pépin-Donat and Laurent Hatchadour (France)
Milan Kovac (Solvenia)
Jean Michel Jorda (France)
Moyne Family and NFFD (France)
Rick French and family (Seattle, USA)
Jean Noel Berlioz and Family (France)
Architect and Development (France)
Joao Garcia (Portugal)
Ang Danu and Nima Lhamu Family (USA)
Emma Morfin (France)
John Chang (Hongkong)
Jean-Michel Boillot (France)
Thierry Francou and friends of ‘Le Bivouac Serre Chevalier’ (France)
Bhimsen Dahal (Nepal, President of JP Foundation)
Aswin Sherstha (Honorable Consulate General of Nepal, Slovenia)
Dr Anda Perdan (Slovenia)
Nicolas Brun and family Collette, Jacques and the « terre des hommes Aubenas » (France)

Rural Community Development

Thadi village, Dolakha District of Sindupalchowk


In collaboration with Architect and Development (French INGO) funded by ‘’Fondation Abbé Pierre’’, KSP has successfully completed its rebuilding project in the village of Thadi. Since the inception of this project, building materials have been distributed to the villagers in the tune of 30,000 Euros. Further training on sound building, community development and other aspects of village life; have been provided to the village. Courtesy of Jean-Michel Boillot, who connected KSP with Fondation Abbé Pierre.

Thadi - Workers


In addition, KSP have developed a volunteer program for Thadi village which has so far been attended by 4 groups of French nationals to help in the rebuilding process. Each group spent a total of 2 weeks for each group.

Reconnaissance mission

KSP’s mission is to develop aspects of these rural areas so that a steady income for livelihood can be sustained. For Thadi and the areas of Rolwaling, tourism can be a key for the future. KSP has helped introduce home-stay programs to cater for volunteers as well as trekkers that pass through the village.
Furthermore, Brigitte and Laurent from France made a reconnaissance expedition and explored some trekking routes to get off the beaten path up to 5500m with some yet unnamed summits possibilities. The region can also be a gateway to Everest through the Tashi-laptsa pass (5755m) which is currently used by very few trekkers. A program is available on request with all the details.

Birta Deurali, Kavre District

Mr Milan Kovac had a dream to build a school in memory of his late wife, Helga Kovac. Along with the help of his son, Mr Kovac has sent a 40feet container of pre-fabricate structure complete with doors, windows, chairs and desks which is 10m / 20m size and can fit a 100 students. The structure is made in accordance to UNICEF as well as the Authorized civil engineers in-charge of rebuilding in Nepal. The structure can also be doubled as a shelter in-case of similar natural disaster in the future.

Birta School Plan

Birta - Loading container
A team of 4 engineers arrived in Kathmandu this May and completed the first phase of ground leveling and foundation. We expect the second team of engineers to arrive from Slovenia within this year and the school can be completed for the students to use from next year.

Birta - First Team of Engineers
We will include the cost estimate of this project in our next report.

Jhule, Lapsi Phedi, Kathmandu District

Nepal French Family Development is French INGO which has shown keen interest in building a primary school in the village of Jhule. As mentioned in our previous report. At the moment NFFD have collected a certain amount in France which will be informed in our next report.
KSP is also actively acquiring donations for this project.

Discovering new routes

KSP has continually supported Man Bahadur Khatri on his mission to introduce the Mid-west area of Nepal as a trekking and climbing destination. He has successfully created 2 different new maps in association of Nepal Map House and various organizations. KSP will promote these regions with foreign trekkers.

Man Bahadur Dhaulagiri and Kanjirowa maps

Local skill development

Makalu-Barun National park, Mera Peak

The Nepali Guide Project, the first of its kind in the Nepal Himalaya, is an attempt to provide our Nepali mountain guides training in Ski Mountaineering, an extra skill set, to become better mountain professionals.

The “Nepali Guide Program”, an idea with the objective of imparting ski training to Nepali mountain guides, was born during a meeting between Jean Michel Jorda, a French documentary film maker and adventurer, and Zimba Zangbu Sherpa, erstwhile President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, and President of Khumbila Samrakshan Prathisthan, during the 60th Jubilee Celebration to commemorate the ascent of Mount Everest.

The initiative, a culmination of three years of planning, was first realized in 2015 when the first edition of the training was conducted in Chulu area of Manang, Nepal.

The Second edition “Nepali Guide II” was conducted from 19th November – 3rd December 2016 (in the Makalu Barun area) this year with 4 students who are now capable to ski properly without assistance. This adds another dimension to the professional capability of a mountain guide. Equipped with skis, a high altitude guide can navigate the treacherous mountain terrain filled with crevasses with relative ease compared to travelling on foot. And, with new technological innovations, they not only travel downhill effortlessly, but also ascend uphill quite comfortably on skis fitted with skins.

Nepal Guide Ski 2

The 1st Edition of the Nepal Guide Program received coverage in major international television Channels as well as print media.

The Third edition “Nepali Guide III” will be held later next year and we hope to have more participants as beginners as well as providing advanced training to the current guides.
Our special thanks to Nepal Mountaineering Association and John Tsang of Taiwan in providing the necessary funds. Special thanks to Jean Michel Jorda for his vision, enthusiasm and all his efforts here and in France to make this a success.

*Jean Michel was also a part of Everest Green project, under Montagne and Partage. The team organized an Everest cleaning project in the spring 2017 with the intention of bringing back 5000kgs of rubbish from the mountain. Jean Michel reached up to the South Col of Everest 7910m to hoist the banner of Khumbila Foundation (KSP).

KSP Everest

Thadi Village, Training to the villagers

After providing essential materials for the reconstruction of 120 houses, we also provided them with training on sustainable rebuilding using materials available locally, examined each house and the methods to reconstruct earthquake proof aspects to every individual house. 2 young locals were also chosen and trained to be supervisors for the village.
Furthermore, 3 houses have been trained to receive international guests as part of our home-stay training program to provide sustainable income for the village through tourism.

Nepali Paper Factory

Emma Morfin, a student at the Bioforce Institute  (a reference school that trains humanitarian professionals, Lyon) worked at KSP from January – March for her internship. A very motivated, diligent and friendly person, Emma studied various aspects of humanitarian works in Nepal and she chose to create a project for the future which can help provide jobs for the locals promote Nepalese handcraft and sustain the project through tourism. Her report on Nepali (lokta) paper is available on demand.

Lokta Paper

Preserving Culture in the rural area

JP foundation is a charity organization which has created a Maitri Ashram (primarily an international village which will also be used as retirement village) has donated a 10950 sq/ft land to Khumbila Foundation for the purposes of building a Sherpa style house.
KSP will focus on a traditional Sherpa architecture with all the aspects of a Sherpa house and also include Sherpa cultural learning programs (language, songs, and dances) for the rural population and the new generations who lack in basic knowledge of their own culture. The program will also welcome non-sherpas and international visitors.
We are currently seeking donors for this project with the commencement of the building from 2018.


19 February

Mr Stefan Kozac, the CEO of Red Bull North America, has a long history of friendship with the Sherpas of the Khumbu area. He had worked at the Khumbu Bijuli Compay (Khumbu Hydropower Company) as a young aspiring man and he visited the area again in 2015. Witnessing the devastation caused by the earthquake he was determined to help the locals and early 2016 he donated US$ 75000 Khumbila foundation to be transferred to the locals of Thamo, Thame, Khumjung, Khunde and Solu.
The KBC staffs formed a representative group and chose to divide the donation as per the financial condition of individual who suffered most from the earthquake. (Find list attached)

3rd March

Donated Rs 482,000 to Laprak and Baprak village development committee. These villages were the most devastated from the 2015 earthquake as the epicenter. KSP has donated to continue with the mini hydro electricity reconstruction to provide essential power to the village. KSP has formerly donated for the initiation of the same project. Courtesy of Thierry Francou and friends of ‘Le Bivouac Serre Chevalier’ (France)

6th March

Ang Danu and Nima Lhamu Sherpa from Montraose, Colorado donated Rs 10,000 for the association ‘Sherpa for Change’ for the Don De Sang program held in Boudhanath.

9th March

Donated a computer set (Rs 39500) to Mr Iswori Adhikari. Mr Adhikari runs Sunaulo Bhairabhi Secondary school in Tallobesi, Dhading district.

15th March

Donated Rs 5500 to Shree Satkanya Devi Primary School, Dhotang-2, Sindupalchowk.

15th March

Donated Rs 5000 to the organizers of the Himalayan Outdoor festival that took place from 17-19 March. This festival actively promotes outdoor activities for professionals, family groups and help aspiring athletes to compete in National and International events.

19th March

Donated a computer set (Rs 42500) to Mr Suman Parajuli for Jalpa Madyamik Bidyalaya, Dhapakhel. (Jalpa Secondary school)

31st March

Donated Rs 11,000 Peekay Creative Youth Club, Solu-Khumbu for the reconstruction of the Mani walls (religious stone walls) in the Solu area. The youth club has so far reconstructed more than a dozen such walls, which signifies both religious as well as cultural part of the area.

6th April

Donated Rs 80,000 to JP Foundation’s program for Kidney disease research and awareness. JP foundation has contributed many programs and projects for health, elderly care and in the field of research for betterment of living standards in Nepal.

15th April

Made payment of Rs 60,000 to Kanchi Phuti for her daughter Ongmu Sherpa, courtesy of Jean Noel Berlioz and family. Ongmu lost her father on Everest in 2012. Jean Noel and KSP have taken charge to pay the amount on a yearly basis as her scholarship.

28th April

Donated Rs 15,000 to Sonam Jangbu Sherpa, an aspiring artist who is continually promoting Sherpa culture through his songs, poems and concerts.

8th May

Donated a computer set (Rs 27000) to Rajan Dulal, Bhaktapur, courtesy of Joao Garcia, Portugal.
Mr Dulal has started his own community development project to train the locals on handicraft and tailoring.

15th May

Paid for the medical expenses of Durga Rai, Rs 50,000. Durga is from a remote village in Solu. He suffered Kidney stone problems and KSP paid for his medical expenses in Kathmandu.

28th May

Donated Rs 30,000 to Kanchi Maya for the UN Everest Women Expedition 2017. Kanchi’s expedition leader was Mr Pemba Dorjee Sherpa who is a world famous climber and he is also involved in many charity climbing and sports programs.

2nd June

Donated Rs 50,000 to Phura Lhamu of Phortse, Everest region for her further studies. Donations made by Ang Danu and Nima Lhamu Sherpa of Montrose, Colorado.

International Participations

We would like to thank the organizers of 2 different festivals in France who have allowed us to participate on a yearly basis. KSP will be participating in these fair on a yearly basis to promote Nepal for tourism and raise funds for our future endeavors.

Rendez-vous du Carnet de voyage

Jean Pierre Frachon
21 Rue Jean Richepin
63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Foire Internationale de Clermont-Cournon

Cathrine Merlot
Foire International de Clermont-Cournon
Centre d’affaires du Zénith
Trident Bâtiment E
46 rue de Sarliève
CS 70036
63808 Cournon d’Auvergne Cedex


Finally, we would like to thank all the donors, well wishers, volunteers and organizers. As our work is always progressive we also want your good wishes that definitely encourage and motivate our team.

Dhanyabad, Merci and Thank you.