KSP activity report #4 – Fall 2015 / Winter 2016

School in the back ground

Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan is very proud to present its 4th report following the relief works made after the Earthquake of April 2015. The foundation has also made progress with its longer term commitments and its missions to better the lives of the mountain people through culture, training and providing basic needs.

In this edition we want to convey our ‘Special thanks to Donors’:

Brigitte Pépin-Donat and Laurent Hatchadour – France
Vincent Dobigeon – France
Albert Crocombette Jean François Malles – France
Carole and Phil Elchert, USA
Nadette et Claude DEVALLE of – Refuge Buffère, France
Pack paddle and Ski, USA
Fay and Dave Jones, Margie and Norman Owen-Smith and Jenny Paterson – Mountain Club of South Africa
Mireille Chaperon and her friends/ family – Swiss
Aiglon School and Francine – Swiss
The villages of Guillestre and St Crépin in the Hautes Alpes – France
The villagers of ‘Serre des Hodouls’ and ‘Les Amis de la Colline’ St Crépin – France

List of actions realized:

25th August

Carole and Phil from USA provided US$ 30 to JB Thapa and US$ 120 to Thinly Sherpa as part of her personal commitment to help the with the reconstruction.

5th – 9th September – Helembu Medical camp

With co-operation of Sienna R Craig who is a PHD in anthropologist from Cornell University (http://siennacraig.com/) and local traditional medicine doctors of Mustang, a three day medical camp was held in the region of Helembu providing basic medicines and treatment for 300 households. KSP recommended the village of Helembu as the region is primarily Buddhist and the general public have a strong connection with traditional medicines. Future projects are planned for 2016.

11th September – Journalist Association of Tourism – Nepal

KSP organized a lunch program to honor the Journalist Association of Tourism- Nepal for their ongoing hard work in promoting tourism in Nepal through different print media. Amongst the JAT-Nepal journalists, many of them also suffered from the earthquake. KSP provided these journalists with materials that will help them further in their works. Journalists were provided with jackets, tape recorders, travel bags and a small amount of financial donations. Rs 50,000 were provided to Mr. Hari Joshi as he had been very sick since the April earthquake.
Mr Michel W Jobin was also present in the program, who was one of the first trekkers to start tea house treks in Nepal with his clients almost 30 years ago. He was present in Nepal at the moment to check and declare that Nepal is indeed ‘safe for visitors’.

18th September – Dhotar Primary School, Sindhupalchowk

As part of the Ex Police school Alumini – KSP had the opportunity to help with the reconstruction of Dhotar primary school which was completely destroyed. This school has up to year 7 and educates 54 students of the ‘Majhi’ – fishery community. There are about 3 villages that are very poor and this is the only Government school that provides the locals with a chance to education.

23rd October – 11th November 2015 . Begam Village, Sindhupalanchow

A group of 19 Slovenian nationals led by Mr Miroslav Tonkli chose the village of Bagam for their Humanitarian work to build damaged houses, monastery and residents of the nuns and monks. They provided the villagers with all the necessary materials and trained them for 2 weeks so that they can continue with the reconstructions on their own.
KSP helped them with the logistic support of transfers to Bagam, provided 10-12 porters to carry the necessary 1200 kgs of materials including corrugated iron roofing, shovels, chain saws, helmets, iron bars, bridge wiring, generators, fuel and food for the volunteers.

Laprak village, local electricity rebuilt

The Slovenian group also provided US$ 4000 to the village of Laprak to reconstruct their local electricity. The amount was handed through KSP to Mr Tul Singh Gurung who is also an international mountain guide working to rebuild his village of Laprak which is the most affected the village after the earthquake due to its closeness to the epicenter.

25th October – Aiglon School of Switzerland and Family Mireille Chapron

Laurent and Brigitte arrived in Kathmandu for their adventure / peak climbing along with 2 bags of clothing and donations sent by Aiglon School of Switzerland and Family Mireille Chapron. KSP was able to donate these clothes to new born babies
Laurent and Brigitte donated € 100 and handed over € 100 from their friends, Odile Mercier and Pierre Rota, to New Children’s Home


10th – 12th October

Mr. Prinya Pal Singh (Paul Qattra), the representative of Mission Nepal, Pattaya, Thailand and Sajan Joshi, CEO of Montrose International, Kathmandu Nepal joined hands with KSP for a 2 days project to donate warm jackets, school bags, stationeries and many games to the Sama School in Gokarna. This school provides primary education for children of laborers in the area. Parents who go to work all day are free to leave their children at the school.
For the 2nd day – arrogated metal roofs and necessary materials were provided to the village of Kharel Village of Kavre.

Sama Foundation

15th October – 16th November

Albert Crocombette Jean François Malles are two French gentlemen who spent over 2 weeks in the devastated Kyanjin Village in the Langtang area. They spent their whole time there rebuilding the urgent parts of the lodge owned by a good local friend – Karma Lama so that the family can pass the winter of 2015. Karma had 18 members of his family including his wife and daughter in the avalanche triggered by the earthquake. They also handed over € 7,200 to Karma and his family, € 2,000 to Khumbila Foundation (KSP), € 300 to Tashi Sherpa of Chermading, Solukhumbu and € 300 to Sonam Lama of Helembu.

16th October – 1st November

Nina Pisk of Slovenia – Spent over 2 weeks in Shingati, Dolkha volunteering as a nurse/ health aid.

7th November – Alp Emotion Ltd

Laure Wuilleret, a long time friend of Khumbi-Ila family visited Nepal with a trekking program to Mustang. She is also the owner AlpEmotion Ltd (http://alpemotion.com/, Les Crosets Switzerland). We received 2 bags of warm mountain clothes with we distributed to DWS handicap Nepal and the children in and around the refugee camps near Boudha and Chabhil areas.

Handicap school

9th November

Unitrav (Union of Trekking Travels Rafting Workers) Westen regional committee, Pokhara is another regional organization that are focused on promoting regional tourism. KSP donated amount Rs 20,000 for their event to introduce their future plans.

17th December

Representative of Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney Australia, Mr Pratit Lama provided funds to KSP to provide kitchenware, water filter, books and stationeries, paints for the interior and exterior of – New Children Home in Kathmandu.

28th February

Stefan Kozak from Austria donated US$ 75,000 to 15 households of Thame and Khumjung to help repair and rebuild their damaged houses. US$ 5000 of which will also go to the Khumbu Electricity Company Staff fund over the next five years.

6th March

Ang Danu Sherpa from Montrose, Colorado donated Rs 10,000 for the Sherpa for Change Association for the blood donation program at Boudhanath Stupa held on the 8th of March.

Proposal updates:

La Villa Chorten Project

Amongst all the destructions caused by the great earthquake the one that hit KSP family most is the destructing of the old wing of our lodge in Lukla but more importantly the destruction of the Chorten (stupa) and the Mani (prayers wall). The stupa is more than 40 years old and an important part of the village. So far we have managed to reconstruct most of the stupa and the re-construction of the lodge remains for another year.
Special thanks to everyone who supported the Chorten project.

Water project in Jhule

With the limited budget received for this project, KSP has only managed to come up with a temporary solution with simple pipes providing much needed water recourse to hundreds of villagers in Jhule. The 2 kilometers pipeline will sustain for 2-3 years however villagers are facing problems in winter when the water freezes in the pipes. Alternate solutions and a more permanent structure with large holding tanks are needed for the future.

Aid to the families of victims of tragedy in the Mountains

KSP has managed to raise Scholarship for Ongmu Sherpa (daughter of late Tsering Namgyal Sherpa, who perished on Everest in 2012) for the next 3 years. Thanks to Jean Noel and Michele Berloiz from France.

Khumjung Gompa (Monastery) rebuilding project (https://www.facebook.com/Khumjung-Gomba-Rebuild-Project-1694498350818846/?fref=ts)
KSP had initially provided Rs 10,000 (US$ 1000) for the Khumjung Gompa monks resident. However with extensive damage to the whole monastery, locals have decided to renovate the monastery with funds collected by international donors, local NGOs and the villagers from Khumjung and Khunde. KSP has provided another Rs 1,15,000 (US$ 1150) this year for this project.

Mountaineering – Volunteer village of Thadi

As part of our ongoing campaign to promote and support the more remote areas of Nepal we have focused in the Sindhupalchowk district, specially the village of Thadi. So far we have managed 4 groups of mostly French people who get the chance to learn the Tamang culture and life style as well as helping the villagers rebuilt their homes.


Recon mid west

Similarly, Man Bahadur Khatri is continually finding new routes and trekking areas in the mid-west of Nepal. He also visited Europe this year where he met and discussed important issues on developing the west and mid west regions of Nepal. KSP is proud to help Man Bahadur with materials and finances for his ongoing projects and wish to support him further by promoting these areas to trekkers everywhere.

Rock climbing – New routes opening

Riten Zangbu Sherpa (Tashi) received an A grade drill machine set from our good friend Stefan Kozak. Tashi is an Everest summitter with many other peaks under his belt. Last year he actively participated in opening new rock climbing routes in the villages of Khumjung and Lukla in the Everest Region.

Ski training for Nepalese guides

As part of KSP’s mission to strengthen the capacity of Nepalese mountain guides, KSP organized a 2 week Ski training program with 6 days in the Chulu glacier in the Annapurna region from the 21st – 26th November. The training was made in collaboration with Jean-Michel Jorda (filmmaker, cyclist, adventurer), Glen Plake ( Ski Hall of Fame inductee) and Paul Mathieu Fritsch (Ski instructor and manager at Dynastar).
This first of its kind program in Nepal was participated by 6 Nepalese guides who had already completed their Advanced Mountaineering training. The next training session will be help in the Mera Glacier, Makalu Barun National park in November 2016.

Ski Trainning