About us

Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan (KSP) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation.
KSP was established in December, 2012 for institutionalizing the support that the Nepalese community was getting from different individuals and organizations through the president of this organization. KSP wants to put an aid for the development of sustainable tourism industry through promotion of the potential tourism destination, tourism scope and environmental conservation along with capacity enhancement of tourism professional and awareness program. We have targeted to provide support as much as possible for socio-economic issues that the communities are facing throughout Nepal.

Our vision

Nepal, being the country with highest Mountain along with major tops of the world, is hot cake for mountain climbers. There are many people in the world who are recognized due to mountain climbing. People get refreshed by meandering with crooked trials, mountain and local culture and custom. Tourists get cent percent of their visit but the condition remained same for local people as well as local climbers, guides or porters. The scenario will be worsened upon the death of local climbers, guides or porters, who is the single earning member in the family. Therefore, it’s time to pay back to local community to strengthen their living standard as well as minimize the associated occupational risk. On the other hand, global warming has threatened the snow cover at mountain region. It’s time for people all around the world to support for conservation of these mountains and socio-economic upliftment of its people. With these thoughts, this project was initiated as Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan (KSP).

Our mission

We want to promote the potential tourism destination and conserve the local culture and environment of mountainous region for developing sustainable tourism industry through eco-tourism and environmental program. We would work for enhancing capacity and skill of climbers, porters and guides, minimize potential occupational hazards, and support their family in case of any tragedy. We have dreamed of a community which is rich in culture, infrastructure, per capita income and would be working on this regard through community development program. We would be helping hands in solving wide range of socio-economic issues and/or problem through the use of tools like research, training, workshop, awareness program or direct engagement.